Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay for recovery week!

It's been a few days, but it was a few interesting days of training.  I missed a couple workouts for the first time since I really got into training.  That was last Friday, when I didn't do my ride or my run.  Ironically, as tired as I am, I haven't been sleeping much, so getting up Friday was something I couldn't seem to do, and I felt about the same when I got home on Friday evening.  So, the weekend training started instead with...drum 5 mile hot-as-hell run.

First, let me say two things about this run:  1) my normal, easy, comfortable run distance is about three miles, and I haven't done over four since my 15k several months back and 2) Over the course of E's Ironman training, we watched a LOT of Ironman videos and various race videos, and I saw a lot of people cry.  Crying from exertion is not something that I particularly understood, though on an intellectual level I got that it must be because it's just really difficult.  I'm personally more of a frustrated or upset cryer. 

That being said...I wanted to cry on Saturday.  It was so freaking hot.  It was so freaking hot I ran in just sports bra and shorts which is something I don't EVER do.  It's partially my own fault, because I started my run at about 10am, instead of earlier or later, and I wasn't as hydrated as I should have been.  Thank god E ignored my protests and tracked me down with the car at various points throughout the run to make sure I was hydrated.  It's not even that five miles is THAT long, I am just not one to train in the heat.  Typically, I peak in the fall and early spring with my training, back it down during winter, and don't do much during summer.  I wanted to cry, throw up and pass out all at the same time.  Was this my first true hardcore training practice?  Because damn....I felt like crap by the end of this.  But, I'll admit, also a little fierce.  Laying on the carpet with my feet up on the wall has never felt so good.  

I did an easy 18 miles yesterday on the bike, and today is a rest day, and this a recovery week.  After the moon!  Or actually, the Jax Sprint Tri Series #1, the first "training" triathlon I'm doing this Saturday.  As much as Saturday was also kind of fantastic how great I felt (mostly mentally) to have done that. 

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