Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trainer Boredom

For my job, I have a fair amount of events that require my time in the evenings.  While not an issue generally, I have realized that this will affect my training regime.  So, in an effort to combat this, I decided that I would get today's cycling miles (8, according to the training plan) in by getting up and onto the trainer.

I have realized from previous stints on the trainer that I can't focus/hear t.v. when I'm on the trainer, but I can stare at pictures.  Finding a program (typically a food show) that fit this criteria at 6 a.m. was not appealing, so I just went with silence.  This was perhaps a poor choice.  Boredom was almost instant.  Trying to convince my legs that they wanted to move was not easy, and I was very grateful for the heart rate monitor; it was about the only thing that could keep me honest today.

Overall, I am glad I got up and got moving this morning.  It felt great to do an a.m. swim and p.m. run yesterday, so I'll see if it still feels as good tomorrow!   

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