Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday Doubles

Ah, recovery week, I like you. 

My swim yesterday morning was only 300 meters, and the pool is set up Olympic distance for the next month or so, which was really neat.  Going through the longer laps helped me to find more of a rhythm with both my stroke and my breathing.  There were a couple a points where I felt reeeally slow, but I was able to pick it up a little bit at those points.

My run last night was a lovely 3 miles.  When I was training for my 15k, it was hard to feel results as they happened, and it was hard to feel my base training happening.  With the tri training, I'm noticing the difference.  Being able to feel better now than I did even a couple of weeks ago on a three mile is fantastic.  My shin felt not so hot when I started, but once I got warmed up, it was fine.  I did try out new socks that I got over the weekend, and got my first ever running blister.  So the question is, was it the socks, or the training?  I'm thinking socks, since I've never been blister prone.  I'm running in Adidas Supernovas (though I have the 2009 version), and they have been a great shoe.  I will admit, I am going to Jax Running Co. tonight to check out Newton's.  I can't bring myself to buy such a pricey shoe when I don't need an upgrade yet, but boy do I want a pair!    

Only a couple more days until the sprint!

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