Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marathon Countdown & Blogging Breaks

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?  I don't think I've stepped away from my blog for quite this long since I started writing it over two years ago.  It's been a busy couple months.  I left my old job as digital marketing manager for a downtown association for a position with a local ad agency as a copywriter and digital content specialist.  Worlds apart, let me tell you.  But change is good, and I've been adjusting to different hours and new routines.  Between that and some wicked shin splints, my marathon training really took a hit.

So, training.  I'm 28 days out from my second marathon, the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I'm nervous, a lot more nervous than I was for the Donna earlier this year.  I'm running this one by myself (well, my dad and one of my friends are running too, but we're not running together), and I'm starting to fret about my nutrition, my pacing and my stamina.  Of course, if I wasn't nervous right now, it would probably mean I didn't care enough about it.  I also went through a period of a couple weeks where I just felt burnt out.  I messed up a couple of my long runs, and really struggled mentally with getting through more than five miles.

I've also been pondering the training I've done for this marathon as compared to the previous.  I've really focused on heart rate training this time around, and based on the half marathon, 10k and 5k I've done in the last  few weeks, it's really paying off.  I'm finally getting faster, which is ridiculously exciting.  I've always been a back of the pack runner, but I'm finally approaching mid-pack!

It's been fun being on the same training plan as my dad and our friend, Bdub.  We've all been able to check on each other, since we know what distances we should be running when.  E has been a great support crew, and I know he and my stepmom will be wonderful cheerleaders at the race.

So I'm looking forward to it, but I'm just nervous.  I received my "final race instructions" email this weekend, our hotel is booked, and I'm starting to think through race day strategies.  I know I'm a much better, stronger, faster runner than I was last time around, so I think I'll do ok, though I've had to readjust time expectations.

The new job also means I've switched my running schedule to the morning, so during the week I'm ending my run when the sun is coming up.  Training for the marathon this time around has definitely taught me to be flexible with my training.

And now I'll stop boring you all to tears.  This is just a catch up - we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly!