Monday, May 23, 2011

What a Vacation...well, not really

I didn't get the "hold the bouquet at your hips" memo
Vacation from blogging is more like.  I've just been...burnt out.  One of my great friend's got married a little over a week ago, and I was her Maid of Honor.  It's been a roller coaster of bridal shower, bachelorette party and all kinds of other activities.
On a more sad note, E's grandma passed and we went to San Diego for her memorial service week before last.  You may know already know him from Dailymile, but he is training for Rev3 Cedar Point and has joined Team Fight in her honor.  He's also blogging about the experience.
I've also picked up even more freelance work, plus my day job and with all that and training I've just been plum burned out.  All I've wanted to do is sit and read.  This past weekend felt like a little bit of recovery and this coming weekend is a three-day weekend - YAY!  I do believe next Monday will find me doing absolutely nothing.  Pretty excited about that, if you can't tell.  I've just had that constant feeling of treading water and not getting anywhere.
We did get out for some runs while in San Diego.  We went for a run on Sunset Cliffs, which in the two times I have been there is turning into one of my favorite places to be.  Like Muir Beach outside San Francisco, it represents everything to me I've always thought of when I think of the sea.  I know, I grew up in Florida, at the beach, but we have these flat, sandy beaches, which are lovely.  But I've always thought of the ocean in much more romantic terms; I wanted the waves crashing onto jagged rocks, sheer cliffs, hidden tide pools and caves...personality, I guess.  Our beaches here are flat and unchanging, ocean on one side, dunes on the other.  I grew up with all these old fashioned black-and-white British movies with widow's walks and secret tunnels.
The Uninvited, 1944
So anyways, Sunset Cliffs.  It was really a great night.  We ran along the cliffs and into Ocean Beach, finishing up at the cliffs to stop and watch the sunset.  It was just a stunning place to run, and a place where a lot of people are really active.  You run on these skinny, sandy paths and there are these huge, beautiful homes to one side and then the sheer cliffs and ocean to the other.  Amazing.   After that, we changed and headed over to Ocean Beach for some delicious sushi.  It was a really nice night.
We were also able to run in the hills around our hotel. This Florida girl felt those hills.  Even the slights grades were hell.  I guess this means I should start doing bridge repeats, because let me tell you, it was a little sad.
After that, I missed several days of training due to the wedding and life, but now I feel back on track!
This weekend, I had an amazing swim - 1000 meters without stopping!  I got in a nice 5 mile run and a 27 mile bike.  I am a happy (albeit sore) girl.

And congrats to Meghan over at Triathlete in Training for finishing her very first tri!