Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rides and Runs

Last night was a loooong 10 miles on the trainer.  Actually, it just felt long, as rides on the trainer often do.  There is something about the lack of road resistance and direction that make the whole cycling experience on the trainer much different.  Somehow, your seat feels different, your arms get more tired, and it just gets a bit dull.  On the trainer, I never quite manage to just find a comfortable spot to zone out.  I sometimes think that my trainer work outs are slightly less effective as I keep sitting up and back and twisting and turning and repositioning, so I lose speed and cadence more frequently.  E kindly put South Park on the t.v. for me, and I had a lot on my mind that I needed to think through, so the time passed slightly more quickly than it would have otherwise. 

I have an event tonight, so I got up this morning for a run, and will do my swim tomorrow morning.  Today's run was three miles, and I ran my normal route near the house.  It was a gorgeous morning, almost cool, which is rather unheard of for Florida in June.  When I got back home, I could feel the beginnings of sticky humidity, so I was glad I was out early enough to miss it.  My shin splints, particularly on my right leg are still bothering me.  I didn't tape it this morning, and it seemed to be ok, so I'm hoping that the issue is on it's way out.  

As far as my running is concerned, I want to keep focusing on the Chi Running method.  Standing tall and opening my chest and lungs while I run, in addition to paying attention to the tilt of my pelvis seem to make a fair difference in my runs.  I think I also  need to be more cognizant of my hydration.  I am noticing a difference now on the days when I stay really hydrated versus the days when I forget that I need to be taking in water and fluids.  I also notice the whole "thirst masquerading as hunger" effect. 

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