Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to it!

Yesterday was a rest day, so this morning I got back in the pool.  Today I ramped up to 500 meters, which is the equivalent of about 12 laps.  I feel sort of like a pansy, because I have to stop to breathe in between each lap, but once I can find a rhythm for my breathing while I'm actually moving, I suspect I'll be in better shape.  I was also able to practice the stroke technique that E taught me on Saturday, so I felt like I was at least moving more efficiently through the water.

My run tonight was 4 miles, and I'm feeling bushed.  I forgot how tough it feels when you're working back up to a higher mileage.  Even four miles meant that a mile and a half in, my calves we aching.  However, I did keep in mind Chi Running, and keeping my neck straight and tall, and focusing on the tilt of my pelvis really makes for an overall better running experience.  I feel like I am getting a great upper ab workout, and feel less scrunched up than I sometimes do from running.  In the past, I have not had the best running posture, so really being able to feel the difference in my runs now is incredible.

On another note, my tri top came in the mail today.  Yay!  Something cooler to wear when I'm cycling, and I now have the outfit I will wear for my Olympic.

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