Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Fundays

Today is an unplanned rest day.  Yesterday morning, I got to the pool, got into the locker room, tired but ready to push through the swim...and I didn't have my goggles.  And I mean, can't find them anywhere.  Not at home, not in the car, not in my gym bag.  So, looks like I will be making a stop at Dick's tonight to pick up a new pair.  Which I suppose is ok, since I did want to upgrade to a pair that would allow me more visibility in the water.  I'm thinking of the Tyr Nest Pro style.  I have worn E's, and I like the way they fit, and they make some that fit smaller faces.  So needless to say, that swim didn't happen. 

I went on my run last night, and tried wearing my tri top and bottom for the first time running.  I've used them on the bike, but never run or gone swimming with them.  The bottoms were really comfortable, though I wasn't crazy about the top.  I suspect it's' just because I'm not used to having fabric so tight around my midsection. 

I had intended to swim this morning, and bike tonight, but in my desire to be fresh for tomorrow morning's tri, have decided to make today a rest day.  My legs feel pretty tired, so I think this was probably a good call.

Tomorrow morning at 5a.m., we will be on the road for a 6:15a.m. arrival in Fernandina Beach!

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