Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Virtual Yoga or Finding Down Dog in My Living Room

I decided that to save a little money and to incorporate (hopefully) more yoga into my life, I would try virtual yoga, based on this New York Times article I read a few months back.  I spent a fair amount of time over the last few days googling, researching and trying to find what my best options were and the best bang for my buck.  Tonight I decided I would try Yogaglo, which is a pay-per-month service of streaming yoga classes.  For $18 bucks a month you get access to unlimited streaming classes divided up into style (Vinyasa, Hatha, etc.), length of practice, type of practice ("energize," "hip opener," "insomnia," etc.) and by instructor.
I was a little overwhelmed with trying to pick my first practice, and I actually went through a couple before settling on one, a 30-minute Energizer Vinyasa Flow.  I rolled my mat out onto the living room carpet and settled down, closing my eyes and trying to ignore the hum of the A.C. and the click of the keys from my boyfriend's keyboard in the other room.  I was more or less able to tune out external noises once I settled in, but I did have trouble gaining the amount of focus I have in a studio setting.
My achievement of the night though?  For the first time, I understood - and was kind of able to do - Crow.  Several months ago I went to a class at a new studio and saw that pose for the first time, and could not figure out how the hell it worked.  Then I had my friend the yoga instructor demonstrate for  me, and I still didn't get it.  My 30-minute Energize flow with Dice?  Totally made something click so I was able to do it.  Yay!  My arms are killing me from the effort but I totally want to keep trying.
So I deem tonight a success.  Next time I might have to try to light some incense, though I don't know how crazy the boyfriend would be about an entire house that smells of patchouli.     

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