Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Joining the Gym

I've known for a while that a hole in all of my training has been the lack of strength work.  I have about zero muscle tone that doesn't come strictly from running and cycling and a bit of yoga.  In high school, to get out of gym that required lots of running or being outside, I was one of three girls that elected to take Weight Training.  Honestly, I really liked it.  I liked that by semester's end I could see a change in my posture, in my arms, in my overall fitness.  But I didn't stick with it.
Then, a few years ago, I started again.  I decided I wanted to get in shape again, so I started going to the gym in the apartment complex I lived in at the time.  No one was ever there, so I went 3-5 days a week, and it worked. I found my muscle tone again, and along with adjusting my diet, I lost weight and got in shape.  I loved it.  I'll admit, I even started wearing tank tops when I worked out for the sole reason of being able to see my newly toned arms in the mirror while I worked out.  Michelle Obama, eat your heart out.  Then I moved, and the strength training stopped, and I've been talking about starting again for a while now, but haven't quite made it (this includes a brief stint where I belonged to my local Y for a year but only managed to go a grand total of three times).
So today I went and joined a gym about three blocks from my job.  I really have no reason not to go, and if I run near work in the mornings, I can shower and get cleaned up there.  So, I'm telling myself, that if I have a great view of the river while I work out, and I have a place that's so close I can go on my lunch break that it will work.  I also get a complimentary personal training session as part of joining.  I go next Tuesday.  I'm curious to see what all my measurements, body fat, etc. are, but I'm also a little terrified of what I'll find out.  Fingers crossed!


  1. If you stay in endurance racing, too many people fore go strength training, if you keep it up, you will be ahead of the curve among your competitors.

  2. Thanks! I"m hoping it will be some extra "umph" into my training.

  3. First, congrats on joining a gym. Second, I wanted to say that I, too, belong to a gym next to work and I love it. It's so convenient to have a full gym, pool, and showers/locker room right next door.

    I often go for runs outside during my lunch break and head to the gym for a shower. Or I'll take classes or strength train there during lunch. It ends up being the perfect time (and place) for me to get in my weekday workouts.

  4. All of those reasons are exactly why I decided to try! No more excuses for not taking advantage of free time :)

    Plus, there are some awesome run routes around my office I can now take advantage of!