Monday, September 20, 2010

Best. Run. Ever.

If every evening run is as great after a morning of yoga as my run yesterday, it will be even more encouragement to do yoga daily.  Typically, I practice Vinyasa yoga, however, as my previously mentioned friend and instructor was subbing an Anusara practice, I decided I would try it out.  Anusara focuses a lot on alignment techniques, and this class was no exception. It was less cardio than I was used to, but the slower pace forced me to focus more on my body and how I was actually feeling.  The discipline's focus on alignment also made sure that I was paying attention to my hips and hamstrings, which tend to always be tight and a little sore.  75 minutes later, I knew I would feeling the day's session the following day.  It was also a great workout for my upper body.

Following a day of household chores, I went out for my weekend long run, which this week was only 4 miles.  In addition to a hint of fall in the albeit windy air, I felt AWESOME.  I mean, I never feel like this when I run.  The kinks, the hurts, anything sore was gone within a few minutes and I cruised along at a great clip.  I totally want every run to be like this.  It was one of those runs where you finish and think "This is why I run."  It may have been a fluke, but I suspect that just being loose and having worked out the kinks in my hip flexors and ham strings made for an overall fantastic run.   

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