Friday, September 24, 2010

My Week of Almost Following My Training Plan

I am famously enthusiastic when I start training for an event, like most of us are.  And like most of us, I also vow that I will follow that plan, that I will stick  to it, that I will reach the end looking like a slightly less cut Chrissie Wellington.  I always wind up falling over the horse after about the first 6 weeks.  This time, I (inadvertently) have taken a different approach.  I started out really half-assed. 
Like I went on vacation the first week half-assed, ate and drank a lot, didn't get a lot of sleep and only ran twice.  And I use the term "ran" loosely, it was more like walking slightly more swiftly than I normally would. 
Week was comprised of me more or less following the plan, at least running but not really doing any of the cross training, and I think I may have missed a run or two, and week three was pretty much the same. 
In this past week, I have done every run as I was supposed to, but have still failed to incorporate strength training.  So, my goal for training next week is to start lifting some iron.  I have vague memories of a time when I had really toned arms and whatnot.  Those were the days. 
I did however discover this week a gym walkable from my work with a nice low monthly membership.  I am checking that out on Monday - I have the feeling it might be the way to go! 

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