Friday, November 19, 2010

New PRs, TGIF and what I want from Santa

It's felt like a "light" week workout wise, which has been ok.  I did 3 miles on Monday, and 3 on Tuesday, plus some light strength training.  I've been slammed at work, and E has been as well, so everyday has felt like a heavy training day any way. Last night we went for the 4 mile easy run - and I killed it!  For me at least.  I did sub-10 minutes for 4.29 miles, finishing with a time of 41:09.  Hell yes.  It's a great confidence booster going into my first half-marathon next week, and it also makes me feel like the intervals, the consistency, the strength training, just everything, is paying off.  It's a great feeling, and awesome to feel improvement on a night I was just going out to get an easy 4 in.

I also got my SpiBelt in, so I'll be reviewing that soon!

With Christmas coming up, I'm also trying to decide what heart rate monitor I want.  I've been debating this for about 6 months, and I am between these two:

Suunto t3c

Garmin Forerunner 305

E has a Suunto t3c, which I've used and really like.  However, I love the GPS, rechargeable battery (on the 305) and wireless transmission of the Garmin 305.  I  also like the Garmin 310 but it's rather pricey at this point.  My concern with the 305, which is what I'm leaning towards, is that I'm pretty petite and have really little wrists.  I'm worried it will be uncomfortable.  Does anyone have any recommendations or thoughts?   I've looked at Polars, Timexs, etc, and these are the only two that seem to have everything I'm looking for.


  1. I'll be honest... I have tiny wrists and can't wear the big strap that it comes with the 305. It does come with a smaller one (but my hubby uses the bigger one so we don't switch it out). It's a big unit though... but so good!

  2. I have the 305. It is kind of big and clunky though. I think I have small wrists and I wear it on the next to last hole...ok, I just measured my wrist which is 5.5" around if that helps!

  3. I also have teeny tiny wrists, but I wear the hunker of a Garmin (aka the Forerunner 201) and I'm fine. It's never been in the way and it never felt too big. I'm pretty low maintenance though, so maybe that's why? Could you go to a shop and try it on?

    Does the Suunto have GPS?

  4. Suunto is just fun to say slowly

    I have the 305, it is not as big as it seems, you get use to it. Does the suunto have a bike feature? Dont forget your a triathlete. The GPS is fun to see where you been.

  5. Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to see if any shops in the area have 305s in stock.

    The Suunto has a GPS pod, foot pod and bike pod you can get to work with it. It has pretty much all the functionality of the Garmin, just some stuff has to be added, like the GPS.

  6. I have a Garmin 205 and love it, can't imagine how much I would love a 310! Nice runs this week lady!

  7. I vote the Garmin, I have one and cannot imagine training without it!!

  8. I've had the 305 for 4+ years now. Love it.