Monday, November 8, 2010

Marathon Decisions and How I Discovered a Love for Disco

Ok, it's decided.  I am signing up to run the full Donna 26.2 marathon on February 13, 2011.  In May of 2009, my boyfriend ran his first marathon, the San Diego Rock n' Roll marathon and I remember talking to him about it afterwards and saying that I couldn't fathom ever running a marathon; the distance, the discipline, the desire for something like that completely escaped me.  In March of this year, I finish the Gate River Run, a 15k and my first "big" (read: more than a 5k) race, and saying "I want to run a half-marathon," a distance that even then was a little scary.  And here I am....deciding on a marathon.  I didn't think I would be here this quickly, but I'm excited.  E will be running it with me, which should also be exciting.

My father is also a marathon runner, and decided he wants to do one more.  So, he, E and I are all entering the lottery for the NYC marathon today.  Fingers crossed, kids!

On another slightly unrelated note, I've realized that (and I'm a little embarrassed to say this) I really enjoy working out to disco.  And I'm talking classic, KC and the Sunshine Band disco.  This is music I was raised to hate.  My mom was a firm product of the rock n' roll generation, and still owned a "Disco Sucks" t-shirt.  So being really into this idea of disco as workout music feels a little rebellious.  Over the weekend, I downloaded a couple new tracks.  Not many, yet, but it's coming.  The tunes are just so darn catchy.  They rank right up there with ska, which is typically what I listen to when I train.


  1. Yay! Congrats for taking the plunge! Anxious to follow your journey!

    And there's nothing wrong with some disco love! :)

  2. Woohoo! So you bit the bullet. Good luck with training and it's great that you'll have some running company.

  3. I had to reread the top part, I was thrown for a loop with the last part.

    Congrats on signing up!!

    I seen more then once your supporting Rev3 tweets, soooooo which one are you doing? There is going to be a party up north in Cedar Point, just saying.

  4. Thanks for the congrats everyone! I'm really excited and now I just need a training plan :)

    I'm not sure what race I'll be doing yet. I would like to try one of their olympic distances, since I don't think I'm ready for a half. Cedar Point looks amazing though! Time to start planning next year...

  5. Yay! That's great you picked a race...I'm going to do the lottery for NYC again this year, hope we all get in!!!