Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For the Love of Running

Florida is hot.  This is something that we all know, and I was reminded this summer that there is typically a reason I take summers off from running.  It's too freaking hot.  With the exception of my run in North Carolina for my tri, there are no runs in recent memory that don't involve the feeling of miserable heat.  Sticky and humid, it's just a miserable experience.  But wait...what is this?  The heat finally broke?  That's right!  After a record-breaking 50+ day streak of 90+ temperatures, it's finally cooling down. 

I went for a 4 mile with E and it felt awesome!  It was definitely a run that helped me remember how good running can feel.  Being able to focus on how my body felt rather than the sweltering heat was invigorating! 

I'm getting pumped for half marathon training.  Only a couple weeks to go before it starts!


  1. I am with you on running in the summer. I lived in South Louisiana all my life (until we moved to Maryland a couple of years ago) and I never ever trained outdoors during the summer. It just wasn't worth it. Old habits die hard though, because it's difficult even now to convince myself to run in summer even with more mild temps.

  2. running in the heat can be so tough...I try to stick to my treadmill in the A/C on really hot days, but I've been lucky to do my long weekend runs outside....VERY early in the morning to avoid the heat!!

  3. Molly, props to you for being able to stick it out on the treadmill, I don't have the patience!

    Stephanie, I have the feeling unless I'm training for something, I'm never going to like training in the summer. I'm hoping eventually moving to better climates will help!