Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Laziest Weeks

My tri was officially done a little over two weeks ago.  The first week I decided to allow myself a break:  eat whatever I wanted, not worry about exercise, just enjoy life and relax.  As these things are wont to do, they have somehow tumbled into another week, and another.  My next event will be the Outback Distance Classic on Thanksgiving, a half marathon that will hopefully make me feel like I've earned my turkey.  The plan after that is to run the Donna Half Marathon on February 13, 2011, both of which events will theoretically pump me up for another tri season.  I will probably also follow the Donna with the Gate River Run in March.  I ran the Gate last year, and that was my first longer distance run.  I suppose the race that really helped get this whole tri/half marathon thing going.  This trifecta of runs that should hopefully up my running stamina and help me shed a couple pounds.  I am determined now to complete 1-2 olympic distances next year, and I plan on being up for the challenge!

Tonight I am going to get a new pair of run shoes.  My shoes are on their last leg, and breaking in a fresh pair should be a great way to start off my season of running.  My half training officially begins on September 12.  Here goes nothing!

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  1. Taking time off after your big race is always a good thing, recharges your systems, gets you motivated for the next challenge.

    At one point I had 3 races in a 6 week span, I thought I was going to fall over, I had no time to recover and it took alot out of me, just now getting my legs back under me.