Thursday, July 1, 2010

Halfway Mark

As of yesterday, I'm about halfway through my training, and halfway to my race.  Wow.  Scary.  Last week was a bit of a wash; a nasty head cold that popped up after the tri kept me pretty well down for the week, and over the weekend we went backpacking in the Smokys (more on that experience later).  That was a heck of a workout.  Endurance and cardio rolled into one! 

So this week started my official training back.  I think getting back in the pool was the toughest part.  Both the super early wake up as well as the shock of cold water and the struggled to breath.  Tuesday morning I actually felt a little panicky in the water from my breathing, and had to force myself to take it easy.  This morning was my longest swim to date at 800 meters, and I was able to somewhat regulate my breathing, at least to the point that I wasn't feeling freaked out about it.

My 4 mile run Tuesday evening was terrible on the first half, and far better on the second.  I pushed myself on the way back, and I think that some of my struggle on the way out was simply from boredom.  And as always, thank you to the communities along Hodges that water their sidewalks as well as their lawns.  What could be better than the lukewarm spray of sulfur water halfway through a run?

I got on the trainer last night for 10 miles, and felt the same thing there that I discovered on my run, that I'm not pushing myself enough.  I'm pretty sure this is a good thing, since it means that there is ample room for growth that I have not discovered yet.  We'll see if I still feel that way after I run the bridges tonight!

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