Monday, July 19, 2010

Gee, I Can't Imagine Why Everything Hurts Today Part I

Talk about a training weekend.  I took Friday as a rest day and started out the weekend on Saturday with the Jax Triathlon #2.  Whereas last time we were treated to fairly glassy conditions for the ocean swim, this was a bit rougher.  On one hand, I was exceedingly grateful for the strong current that pushed us closer to the end, but the rough chop made for a lot of swallowed water.  I didn't panic quite as much with this one as I did in the first (at least until the last bit, moving into shore, because it seemed to take forever), though I can't say that I swam so much as doggy-paddled and backstroked my way to shore. 

I took a long time in T1, as I figured it would be better to take the few minutes in the beginning to bring my heart rate down than try and do the whole thing with my heart hammering out of my chest.  This was my first race with shoes and pedals, and it went really well.  The different the shoes and pedals make while on the bike is noticeable, but the biggest return was getting off the bike to go into T2 and the run.  The feeling of "lead legs" was so much less than the last one!  I was tired, but felt like I could run.  Despite that, I probably should have pushed myself harder on the run.  I wasn't thrilled with my time, but I was pretty happy about the fact that I didn't feel  like crying or vomiting when I finished, which was a big improvement over the first one.

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