Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How do I already have so many new races I want to do?

Even though I'm still training for my 70.3, I'm already filling up my race card for the Winter and Spring.

The one definite thing (definite in that I already put up the cash for it) is the Rocketman Florida Triathlon in May of next year. I can't begin to say how excited I am about this race. It's the first ever sporting event held at Kennedy Space Center, and the bike course will wind around through Space Program landmarks like the shuttle launch pads.

You can check out this video about it here.

The nerd in me is freaking out about this race. The distances are a little wonky, as the organizers say they really wanted to make sure everyone gets the full experience, so the bike distances are a little longer. I chose the International Distance, which is a .93 mile swim, a 34 mile (approx.) bike and a 6.2 mile run.

Did you know that Kennedy Space Center is the only place where humans have left to go to the moon? This should be pretty awesome.

Everything else that's filling up my card are running races. There are so many amazing local races that happen throughout the Fall and Winter, and into the Spring.

A sampling of the local races I'm trying to choose between (or hell, maybe I'll do all of them):

Native Sun Mandarin 10k
I PR'd at this race last year, which was awesome. It was a nice chilly day and a beautiful course. A great crowd showed up too. It made me appreciate the 10k distance, so I wouldn't mind doing this again.

Subaru Distance Classic
I've done this Thanksgiving half marathon the last couple years. I'm on the fence about doing it again. Trying to find a local 5k so I can run with a friend who wants to do her first Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.

Jacksonville Bank Marathon
So this one is a little interesting. I've never done this race - half or full. It's seven weeks after my 70.3. I've been doing some research about the amount of time needed between a 70.3 and a marathon, and I might be able to do this. So a lot might depend on how I feel coming out of the 70.3. I'm really, really leaning towards this marathon.

26.2 with Donna
Maybe my next marathon? I'm having a terrible time choosing one. I'm sort of meh about doing this race again, but I'm not finding a lot of others that are nearby (I'm trying to avoid crazy travel for this one) and I really want a January/February marathon (assuming I don't do Jax Bank).

I'm sure plenty of others will come up in the meantime.

What races do you have coming up that you're excited about?

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  1. Couple of teammates are going to the Rocketman, looks fun to me