Friday, June 10, 2011

My Newest Obsession and Deciding on Races

This is going to sound a bit sad, but my newest obsession - my herb garden.  I suppose I should clarify that by saying it's more of what is evidently called a "container garden."  We live in a condo, on the third floor, so our outdoor space is limited to a screened-in  porch, which is a decent size.  Late last year, I started growing basil, to supplement the amount we were buying since we both have a fondness for pesto.  I also started some oregano and cilantro from seeds.  However, winter came, we traveled, and my poor little plants died.

Now, I've started again.  My boss brought in some basil seedlings from her garden, grown in composted soil with seeds dried from a previous year's crop.  So I planted them and they took off!  They are huge!  This reinvigorated my desire to be some sort of earth mother type with an extensive collection of home dried herbs and fresh plants to cook with.

Today I realized it was an obsession when I took inventory of what I have (and what I have coming, because I may have ordered this kit of seeds from Amazon): Basil, sage and lavender, plus oregano, chamomile and cilantro seedlings sprouting.  Oh yes, and I also have a creeping fig that I thought was pretty when I was at the local garden store last weekend.
So anyways, that's my little rant on my growing container garden.

In other news, I'm looking forward to doing a sprint tri relay this weekend!  My dad is swimming, E is biking and I am running.  I've never done this series, the BFAST, but I'm looking forward to it.  Amazing how much more excited I am when I know there is no ocean swim involved!

Also, while I haven't officially signed up, I'm thinking I'm going to do the Disney marathon in January.  Which means if I've chosen my marathon, what tri do I want to do?  There is one semi-local, called the Amelia Man, which is a possibility, and that takes place October 16.  For that, I'm just a little sketchy about that long of an ocean swim when I'm still freaked out by sprint ocean swims.  So, I don't know.  I should probably have all these things decided by now!


  1. I planted an herb garden, its going well

    Good luck with the relay, that sounds like a blast

    oct 16th is my bday, sooo that can be your bday present for me.

  2. We've had mixed results with herbs. Our basil grew last year, but it was pretty small and not very abundant. I wonder if it was the seeds we bought? We tried growing dill twice (my husband's ultimate favorite herb) and it did not work. He planted some outside in the garden and so far, so good. It's growing but not big enough to snip yet.

    So it looks like you've officially caught the marathon bug, yes? ;)

  3. Herbs are great! They smell good in the garden and really brighten up the cooking. Nice!