Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's Take a Moment to Reflect on Strange Food Preparation

This weekend marked our 2 year anniversary.  On Saturday night, we went for a great dinner at the Capital Grille followed by dessert at our favorite place, JJ's.  Great night that was full of wonderful food and conversation.  I've never been to Capital Grille, but appreciate the dog and pony show they provide for special occasions.  We were greeted at our table with a card signed by the staff wishing us a happy anniversary, and a single red rose.  They also took a photo of us (our confusion at the waiter whipping out a digital camera and offering to take our picture is evident in said picture) and brought us complimentary champagne at the end of the meal.  It was really quite lovely.

Sunday was our actual anniversary, and while we didn't have anything specific planned, it was a gorgeous day out, so we decided it was the perfect time to go find a place to sit outside and enjoy a beer and the clear blue skies.  After driving by all of our favorite outdoor seating venues, where apparently everyone else had the same idea we did, we stumbled across one down the road from a Tijuana Flats that evidently closed.  We decided to try it.  Something new, right?  After ordering our beers and glancing over the menu (evidently my reading skills were not up to par yesterday) I ordered what I thought were mozzarella sticks.  We both enjoy these and eat them about once a year, so it seemed fitting for the occasion.  After a bit of a wait, our food arrived.

What is that, you ask?  Upon closer examination, it appeared to be a deep fried grilled cheese sandwich.  What we couldn't figure out then and what is still a bit confusing to us now was the funnel-cake like breading.  Served with marinara, it was pretty tasty.  We went on from there to a dinner and dessert combo.

In other news, the Gate River Run was this past weekend and I didn't run it.  Thursday night I went for a quick run to see how my knee felt.  I made it all of a mile and a half.  E's suggestion (and no matter how stubborn I am, he's pretty much always right about these things) is to rest for a few weeks, and not to put a lot of pressure on the joint.  From my mad self-diagnosing googling skills, I believe I either have runner's knee or jumper's knee.  I'm going a little bonkers, since it seems like all I can do is rest, at least for the short term.  And swim.  But I'm not very excited about that.  I'm going to try cycling this weekend, or maybe a quick spin at the gym.  And I"m  thinking maybe yoga, if I modify for my knees.
Photo Source

This has led me to believe a couple of things:

1) I need to work on my run form.
2) I need to strengthen my glutes, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors and
3) I am seriously addicted to cardio.

In other news, I ordered a Grab Bag swimsuit from Swimmer's Choice, which should come today.   The one I currently have is hideous so I'm thinking (knock on wood) that whatever comes in the grab bag won't be as bad.  Or you know, at least comparable.


  1. Is it possible to be simultaneously a little grossed out and a little hungry for that sandwich? Because I am. Sounds like a great weekend. Sorry about the knee! Keep resting! It's not worth it to have a serious injury.