Friday, December 3, 2010

This Is Why I Run

Last night was the first cold run of the season - well, cold by Florida standards, around 48 degrees at 8 p.m.  E and I went together, and bundled up in true Floridian fashion: beanie, gloves, longs-sleeved shirt and pants.  Of course, I was hot and sweaty by mile 1.  But none of that matters because this run was EPIC.

I got out there and felt like freaking Ryan Hall.  Well, perhaps Ryan Hall's slower, less fit younger sister.  But seriously, it was one of those runs where I felt like I was flying.  It was dark and cold and crisp, the stars were bright, and I felt like I would never stop moving, would never need to stop moving.  My heart rate got pretty high, but my breathing felt smooth.  And I was extra excited when I checked my times and realized that I set a new PR by 6 minutes!

Monday and Tuesday were tough runs; my legs felt tired and heavy.  Coming into a run like just drove home why we run.  It's that feeling that you can't describe to people who have never felt it, but I think it's what every runner chases.  I have a friend who started running a couple of months ago and he's still pushing through mile runs that are pretty tough.  He hasn't had that joy of running moment yet, and this was that moment I've tried to describe to him.  All of my muscles were in sync and I felt so strong.

Also, I finally got race pictures!  My chip time was  2:27 so I was really happy to be under my goal of 2:30.  I remember there was when running or cycling for an hour seemed impossible, than two hours seemed nuts, and now time is no longer something that is daunting (unless we are talking about a 140.6).

And a funny race video.  My dad took this while we were finishing the last 10th of a mile.


  1. I'm giggling at you all bundled up in my ideal running temp - I think you had more on than I did last night and it was only 29 here....hooray for great runs! :)

    Love the video!

  2. LOVE the great runs!! that's how I felt on my thanksgiving turkey trot and it's such a great reminder. sometimes we need that reminder!

    and great picture!

  3. Congrats on breaking your goal!

  4. Nice race!!!

    140.6 is the only thing that is on my mind, scares the bageebers out of me.

  5. Awesome Jess! I'm glad you had such a great run. There must have been something in the air because I had the exact same type of run yesterday. It was just awesome. It was cold too (but more like 30s). ;)

    That video is funny, your dad's finger was in the way most of the time. :P

  6. I had a great run on friday, in 27 degrees! must be the cold does something to ya...great video and photo!