Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 1 Halfway Point

So far this week, I've completed all three disciplines once.  Tomorrow morning I will swim, and tonight will be my 3 mile run.  I've barely started, and already, I am excited about the level of fitness I will be getting back to!

The other night was my first swim, which was a lot of me relearning how to swim, and how to go underwater without holding my nose.  Despite always loving being in the water growing up , getting into a strongly chlorinated pool and swimming in a straight and energy efficient line back and forth is completely different.  I have have my oh-so-attractive flowered TYR one piece and small speed goggles.  I think my favorite part about my swim was probably the fact that several kids swim classes were going on at the same time, so the bleachers were overflowing with bored parents.  Great feeling like I had an audience.  Especially when I know a couple of strokes consisted of the front half of me going underwater, and my butt bobbing up in the air.

Last night I did a 7 mile-ish (my computer doesn't work when I use the trainer, so I have to guesstimate time/distance based on my typical speed) ride.  I also wore a heart rate monitor which I have not done before, and as I thought, I really liked it.  There is something about find that edge between effort and ease, and being able to maintain it because you can see how your body is responding.  One of things I struggle with when I do any type of cardio workout is maintaining the level of effort, and being able to look at a number and know where I needed to stay was awesome.  So, it looks like that is a purchase that will be in my future.

So onward to my run tonight, and my first real swim tomorrow.

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