Monday, May 31, 2010

Beginning of Week Two

Today is Monday, and also Memorial Day.  So far, in the last several days, I have gone for a swim, biked and run.  I have also eaten twice my body weight in junk food, a glaring departure from my normal diet.  Hey, who doesn't need ice cream twice in one day to cancel out the effects of the 14 mile bike ride?
On Saturday, we did what will likely become a weekly occurence, a half mile swim followed by a half mile barefoot beach run.  This swim was tough.  I managed to put my head in the water, and find a rhythm for q couple brief periods, but the waves were rough, and I was using borrowed goggles that didn't fit my face quite right.  On the plus side, I was able to move and lift ky arms, which was not the case the weekend before.  O really, it drove home the realization that I definitely need to invest time in strength training for my left side.  The beach run felt good too; I really enjoy barefoot running.  Running on your forefeet, the swiftness and lightness it garners you, are wonderful.  Granted, I also get sore on different places on my calves.
Bike ride yesterday.  Rode 14 miles, seven south and seven north.  There was a strong wind out of the south.  I wore a heart rate monitor, and practiced slowing down a bit every time it got too high, so by the end of the ride, I felt like j had a good solid workout, but wasn't about to keel over.  Bonus! 
Today was slated as a rest day, but due to the aforementioned junk food, I thought a little run couldn't hurt.  I did an easy two miles on the beach.  Very string wind out if the south, which was the direction I ran in first.  My right shin splint felt a little aggravated by the time I was done, so I need to make sure I am careful and maybe KT Tape the rest of the week.

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