Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Training...or not

Originally when I thought about where I would be when entering the two week countdown to my first 70.3, it was not here.

I've barely done any swimming, biking or running in the last couple weeks. I mean really, barely any. It's like I decided to start tapering a month early. My diet's been ok, so I'm not worried about that. It's mostly the lack of sheer volume.

I feel like all I want to do is run. Thanks the last few years, this time of year screams MARATHON TRAINING. But I'm having a lot of pain in my left shin - to the point that I'm a little concerned that my normal, aggravating shin splints may have gotten rather worse than normal.

I've totally lacked motivation to get in the pool or on the bike. I was under the weather this past weekend, so I didn't get in a long ride, opting instead for a race-distance swim in the pool. That went well at least, but I'm really worried about being underprepared.

In the last month, I've done race distance (or very close to it) in each discipline, and done well, but I'm worried about putting all three together. Between a lot of various stress in life right now, this feels like another.

I'm excited about the race. Despite the past month (ok, and the one before that was kind of spotty) this race has been on my mind and been a main focus since May. I'm ready to do it, I just don't know for future if a training period that lasts so long is good for me, mentally.

I've struggled with the training - I've resented it, I've conquered it, I've lived it, breathed it, loved it and felt immensely strong with it. But it feels like a long summer.

11 days left. I'm ready to go out and conquer. I'm excited to do my first Rev3 event. But I'm ready to run, bike and swim again when I want to, rather than when I have to, or even just for shorter distances.

So I'm just sitting here trying to be present with my training. Or lack thereof. Trying to focus on knowing that I have a lot of fitness under my belt. Trying to remember that I have put in a lot of work for this, and I'm going to do great, and that adrenaline alone is going to carry me through a lot of the big day.

But it's still a little breathtaking to know it's so close.


  1. Even when you feel fully trained it can be daunting. Try to pace yourself and don't get too caught up in the "race" of it.
    You will just LOVE the race that Rev3 puts together so go out, smile and enjoy your day!
    Best wishes!!

  2. " I just don't know for future if a training period that lasts so long is good for me, mentally."

    Late season races are so tough for me, its a long summer, a daily grind, come early fall, I am ready for a break from the sport. It is tough to keep focus for that long. I am still working on it.

    Trust your training, like you said, you doen near the distance seperately, and what I learned from my race, is that it is nothing like an olympic, if you keep your mind set to viewing these as 3 different events then as a whole, for me personally, it worked out better

  3. Taper time is the worst for over thinking things. Because you have the time, your mind wanders to 'what if' and 'if I had only". During your taper, you can keep up the intensity, just reduce the length of time you train. I think you might magically find that your shin splints don't even bother you on race day either. Keep your mind and body busy during this time. Your race will be GREAT!