Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FIERCE Marathon Training

Ok, so not really crazy fierce, but I have turned a wonderful corner in my running and in my marathon training.  E asked me a couple weeks ago to define my goal, and to prioritize marathon training.  Did I want to forego work happy hours, late nights and get togethers for  training or focus on training?  Either is fine, but little old me who isn't always good with the goal setting really struggled with the answer to all this.

I've set a goal for the marathon.  I want to run a 4:40.  I know that isn't super speedy, but it's quick for me.  I really want to do well.  So, after some long hard thinking and some long hard runs, I decided I wanted to focus on the marathon and make a commitment that I would really focus on my training.  No excuses.  And it feels good to have made the decision, it feels good to be working hard.

So here's where I'm at.  My plan calls for runs Tuesday - Thursday, with a long run on Saturday and recovery run on Sunday.  Monday is a recovery day and Friday is a rest day.  So,

  • Tuesday night, I do whatever distance is scheduled, leaving a half mile to do 6 strides.  I'm really trying to focus on my form.  I tend to not lift my knees or kick my heels back enough, so this is my time to pay attention to how I'm running.
  • Wednesday is an easy zone 2 run, staying around the mid to high end of my zone.
  • Thursday is speed work and this means tempo.  I *love* this part of the week.  I love going fast.  I know that I can run swiftly, I just can't keep it up for long periods of time yet.  This means zone 3 and getting my blood really pumping.
  • Saturday long runs are just that - long runs.  Keeping it in zone 2 and finding a rhythm so that I remain steady.  My biggest challenge is that I tend to go out too hard and too fast.  E ran with me this past weekend and it made a huge difference.  This was possibly the most successful long run I've had.  It gave me a lot of confidence and really taught me to push through the pain.
  • Sunday is recovery, so an easy zone 1/2 run. It's hard to go slower, but I always feel better by the end of it.
  • Monday I've gone back to strength training, for both upper and lower body.  I think it will help my legs but I would also like to get some strength back in my upper body and core.  
  • Fridays (or wherever I can fit it in) is for yoga.  

So there's my routine.  I feel motivated and confident about this marathon (though I already feel like I want more time!).   

On a side note, who watched Kona this weekend?  What an incredible race!  Chrissie just continues to blow me away, and Mirinda Carfrae was amazing.  Oh, and I suppose I shouldn't forget Crowie's course record!  I still haven't heard - did he know he was close to breaking the record before he saw the clock?  They way he was high-fiving and taking his time coming in make me think he didn't.


  1. Did you see that Chrissie had to race through injuries? She's such a beast.

    What are "strides"? I am not familiar with that term. Either way, it sounds like you have a great plan in place for you!

  2. This is motivating! I really want to run a marathon next year and I need to be at a place I can fully dedicate myself to training. Good luck!

  3. Loved the race.

    Hey I did disney, it was a hoot. I actually did the Goofy Challenge. That was kind of a dumb move, what a turdhead I was for doing that. But the marathon is a blast. You will enjoy it!

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