Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Random

- E and I went for a swim at the UNF pool last night.  Got in 20 laps straight (ok, it's only 1000 meters, but yay!) and a couple laps with my super awesome new paddles (more on those later).  We were however, rudely interrupted by the pool being evacuated due to *ahem* a "floater."  Reasons not to train when there are a lot of little kid swim lessons going on.  We made up for it by finishing the evening out with a couple of miles on the track.

- Last week, I decided on compression recovery tights (these longer rides really encouraged me to move that process along.  I chose the Skins RY400 Women's Recovery Long Tight.  E was smart and recommended we look on Ebay, and sure enough we found them new for $40 less than list price!  I can't wait for them to come in!

- On an entirely un-training related note, I'm obsessed with the VW Darkside contest.  I'll do anything for a free tshirt.

- I'm digging in for marathon training.  Yesterday, I made a free Runner's World SmartCoach plan, just to see what it looked like.  A friend of mine used it to run the Buffalo Marathon earlier this year, and I"m intrigued.  My goal for this marathon is to break five hours (hopefully lower than that but I'm starting my goals low) and this plan has me finishing in 4:28, which I would be pretty stoked about.  It would also start next week, easy, which would allow me to focus on tri training through September, and then really focus on marathon training. Last year was sort of a last minute decision to do the full marathon rather than the half, so I'm digging the idea of being able to focus on the training for the next 27 weeks.

- Additionally, turns out one of our local bike shops has the Cannondale Slice that I'm so enamored with.  It's a ways out before I have enough saved up for a bike, but man it was pretty to ogle it.

That's all for now!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


  1. Ebay is always great for a deal as long as you have patience, which I lack sometimes.

    The slice is a nice, nice bike

  2. Did you just say ONLY 1,000 meters straight?!? Um, that's really impressive (to me, at least!). Great job. Sorry about the pool closure---that's pretty gross. :( So you'll wear those tights in the summer???

  3. OMG - that bike is HOTTT! I'd just set up camp right next to it so I could stare at it all day... until I could own it. :)

  4. Nice work!!

    How much does the UNF pool cost? How long is it there? What time of day do you go and is it crowded? We were just looking at possibly going there..

    I checked out the Runners World app for half training, but the mileage was way too high for what I wanted to do.. its pretty neat though. Do you know if there's an app like that for swimming?