Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eating and Eating and Maybe a Little Running

This past weekend E surprised me with a trip to Savannah as a sort of belated Valentine's Day/we haven't gotten away to just relax for longer than I care to think.  We've spent time in Savannah before, but usually an afternoon passing through here and there, or once for a sprint tri E did last year. So this was the relaxing, post-marathon trip.

Moon River Sampler

Originally we were booked to stay at a Joan's on Jones, a quaint little B&B in the historic district.  E called to confirm our reservations Friday morning, and we arrived around 9 p.m. Friday night, excited about our stay.  However, much to our surprise, they weren't expecting us.  Or at least the wife portion of the husband and wife team that runs it wasn't. Turns out, while her husband confirmed our reservation for two nights, the wife had booked the room already for Saturday night.  Our options were stay there for the night or find somewhere else.  A few phone calls told us a lot of hotels in the area were already booked, so we opted to stay there for the evening and let the wife, who seemed to think it was our fault they screwed up, call around and find another place for us to stay Saturday.  Oh yeah, after she tried to charge us the full amount for the night.  Really?  

We dropped off our baggage in the room and decided to go out for a drink and dessert.  We found a nice place on the river, and enjoyed a couple glasses of beer and some truly tasty desserts.  Eating and relaxing was pretty much the theme of the evening, and well, the weekend. Our reluctant hostess had found us a room at another B&B after all, so we packed up Saturday morning and decided to wander until the new room was ready.  It was a beautiful day, and we meandered through the streets of historic Downtown, stopping to enjoy lunch at a local brewery, Moon River, then gelato, which we ate on a park bench in one of the many historic squares to enjoy the day and the dessert.  We then decamped to our new room, at the Lincoln B&B, which turned out to be a beautiful little apartment on the ground floor of a historic Victorian.  Wonderful hosts this time around, and a beautiful suite, stocked full of snacks (bonus) and all sorts of thoughtful amenities.  Bliss.
Food Coma Imminent 

We took a nap, then went out that evening to take in the City Market area, visiting some little art galleries, taking in a wine tasting and enjoying the hustle and bustle before heading over to the Firefly, a quiet little cafe we had discovered on another trip that did not disappoint.  After a delicious three-course meal, we decided to abandon plans to go back to the City Market area and instead just enjoy our room.  It was fantastic just to relax.

We finished the trip off with some fantastic pizza from a place in City Market, and then headed home.  It was a fabulous weekend - technology free, I might add.  Do you see a theme of eating?  It was all amazing, though I was more than ready to start back this week with  my normal meals.

Oh yeah, and training.  On Monday night we went for our first post-marathon run, just an easy 3 miles through the neighborhood.  I was aware of my legs a lot more than I expected, is probably the best way to put it.  My knees felt tweaky, part of my right hammy ached and everything felt just slightly out of whack.  Overall though, it was really nice.  I'm looking forward to working my mileage back up, and hopefully get out on the bike this weekend.


  1. What a fun trip! And calories totally don't count when you are on vacation!

  2. that weekend sounds awesome! I'm so jealous! I LOVE savannah!

  3. I agree with Colleen, Vacation = 0 calories in the food diary, its vacation and its time to relax and unwind

  4. Wow that sounds like yall had a great time! Makes me want to take a weekend trip. :)

  5. I love these weekend trips to compete and hang out with friends! i just signed up for REBEL RACE at …can’t wait to run the 5k through boot camp style obstacles and crawl in the mud! My girlfriend’s crazier than I am- she’s doing the 15k! I’m so excited to run and go camping with my friends all weekend. They’re even giving me a free beer! Is anyone else doing this race??