Friday, October 22, 2010

To Marathon or Not to Marathon

Having only been consistently active for about 2 years, I'm really big on setting event goals (keep in mind, prior to "consistently active" was "pack-a-day smoker with a bad caffeine habit").  This year I discovered triathlon, and did a few sprint distances, culminating in my Very Proud Achievement, my first Olympic distance.  I muddled through the swimming, was decent on the bike, but my run remains a weakness for me.  And I'm SLOW.    Like I read articles and when they talk about "beginner runners" they reference their pace being around 10-11 minutes a mile, and I go "hey, I should be way faster by now."  So I decided I wanted to strengthen my run. 

I embarked on this endeavor by deciding to undertake two half-marathons:  the Outback Distance Classic on Thanksgiving Day and the Donna Half-Marathon on February 12, 2011.  Next year, I decided, would be the year I ran a marathon, but I would do these two half distances first.  However, now I'm thinking, maybe I'll do the Donna FULL Marathon rather than the half.  It's supposed to be a great race, fan support is huge, it's volunteered at and undertaken by an enormous about of people in my city and beyond, family and friends could come cheer me on. 

So I guess I'm just debating if I'm ready.  I think about it and the idea of the challenge is wonderful and I read all these blogs from a lot of you and your experiences with running your first (or 15th) marathon, and love the idea of it, the challenge of it.  Then I think about the distance and sort of feel a little pale.  So I guess I'm just on the fence.  If I'm going to run a marathon locally (and after the amount of money I realized an out-of-town event takes after my last one) this is without a doubt the one to do.  And if I hit half-marathon distance by late November, that should more than put me on track for a February 12 marathon.  I may have spent some of my lunch break yesterday looking at Runnersworld and for articles on training for a marathon and how to know if you're ready.

To run or not to run.  I'm just not sure.        


  1. Based on the timing, your right, your half mary will be right in line for a Feb full. Personally, its mind over matter, when ever I doubt something, I always read my favorite quote

    “You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through.”
    Rosalynn Carter

  2. I love the turtle picture! :) Well personally I've never done a marathon and I really have no desire to. I trained for a half marathon a couple years back, but ended up cutting the training short (I can't remember why).

    I've found---the longer that I've been active---that I really crave and enjoy the short and fast type of races. I feel great when I do longer distances, but ultimately I feel like I thrive at the sprint type race.

    My point with all of this is that you can try to figure out what makes you happy. I'd say maybe wait until after the Thanksgiving half to make the decision about the full (if that's possible). That way you can get a feel for the distance and decide whether it's something you want to pursue or if you can wait until 2012 to get there.

  3. Thanks guys! And great quote!
    Stephanie, I am thinking about waiting until the half. I've found that I like events that are a longer, because it gives me time to settle in and go at my own pace - I don't like feeling rushed. :) You are going to love a sprint tri when you do one!
    Big Daddy, you're totally on point. I guess I need to find my confidence in my ability :)

  4. you can totally do the full in February!! Once you do your half, you're going to be all pumped up, and ready for the next challenge.