Monday, December 31, 2012

Radio Silence

I haven't blogged in a couple weeks, and that's because I've been making some changes in my life.

I moved to a new place a little over a week ago, in a new part of town. Jacksonville is a huge city, so what would probably be an entirely different town in another place is here just another neighborhood, large and sprawling though it may be.

I'm excited about my new space, my new place. It's a lovely area to run in, and I look forward to finding new running routes, new times of day and new folks to run with.

Exciting news that I received a couple of weeks ago is that I have been accepted as a member of the Oiselle Ambassador Team! I'm a huge, huge fan of the brand, both for their amazing products and their overall philosophies. I am very excited to represent, and help spread the word about Oiselle here in Florida. 

So I'm excited for 2013. New places, new faces, new races. I think a lot of good things are on the way.


  1. congrats! everything sounds exciting!

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